Farewell to „Poko”

In deep mourning we take leave of our colleague, comrade and friend Bernd Pokojewski, who died on October 8, 2020. “Poko” was one of the first members with PiD, as 2. chairman, media speaker and adviser actively and has played a decisive role in the successful development of our association. His concern, “Officer Survival” he has addressed in countless articles, lectures and trainings in order to support colleagues “at the front” in the best possible way.

He will be missed in our ranks as an extraordinary person, committed colleague and good friend.
We will continue Poko’s work – according to his principle: “Never Ever Give up!”

For the board of the Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e. V.

Eckhard Niebergall
1. Chairman


Article of Helmut Brueckmann – Pdf.

PiD-Magazin 23

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Interact Defense COMBAT

Interact Defense COMBAT

is a scenario based, specific fighting method for lifethreatend situations.
It was designed and developed specifically for law enforcement.

It is focused on what realy works in a streetfight situation and trains “Taker Qualities”. Short force-on-force scenarios will give a realistic input to fight an aggressive combatant


In our system violent engagement is fast and dominant. Our goal is always to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible. 
The sport mindset is out of place. It is one round, not round one … 


Ralf Schmidt


Coming soon: 

powerful low line strikes mixed with upper body strikes 
clinch including head butts 
firearm and edged weapon tactics


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European cooperation

E. Niebergall mit Gabor Bari (kompetenter Insider mit Top-Fachkenntnissen und Übersetzer)

PiD zum Erfahrungsaustausch in Ungarn

Zum europäischen Gedanken und der Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Staaten der Europäischen Union und ihrer Institutionen gibt es keine Alternative, insbesondere wenn es um Fragen der inneren Sicherheit geht.

Das war das Fazit von Gesprächen, die der 1. Vorsitzende des Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e. V., Eckhard Niebergall, mit  Behördenvertretern in Budapest führte. Ganz oben auf der Agenda stand die aktuelle Lage zur Sicherung der EU-Außengrenzen und den daraus resultierenden Erfordernissen zur Optimierung von Verfahrensabläufen.
PiD wird zukünftig bei der Entwicklung und Manifestierung von Schulungsstandards sowie dem Training für Trainer ungarische Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben unterstützen. Erste Maßnahmen beginnen im Herbst diesen Jahres.

Police team up to hone skills, tactics

German-American law enforcement partnership an article by USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Joe – welcome home and back on board!

In September 2007 our PiD-member Joe Willis went to Iraq with his unit.

Our thoughts and wishes were with him until he returned home to his family

in December 2008. And finaly we were able to take the yellow ribbons from

the apple tree outside of the POLIZEITRAINER-Office.

On behalf of all POLIZEITRAINER-members I want to thank everybody who supported

Joe with words, wishes and thoughts.

Please continue with your personal support for our Law Enforcement and Military fighters

against crime and terror and help to make this world a better place.

Eckhard (Ecko) Niebergall


Polizeitrainer in Deutschland