PiD was originally established in 1996 in Frankfurt by a group of dedicated German police officers with the purpose to continually develop and improve the effectiveness and quality of police officers duty related security and survival trainig.

PiD is…

  • a non-profit, non-political, non-govermental private organisation
  • officially recognized and support-deserving
  • a communication platform for members of the police, customs, ,judiciary and communal authorities, on a national and international level
  • a place for exchange of information about new developments of techniques, taktics and relevant knowledge in the field of officer-survival-training

PiD is engaging in…

  • researchwork in the field of preventative security measures together with universities, higher education institutions and security experts from Germany and abroad
  • development, training and evaluation of defensive techniques and tactics according to security rules and standards of INTERACT DEFENCE®

PiD offers…

  • membership to the Law Enforcement community within the EU and abroad
  • exchange of experience and ideas with experts in the field of officer safety and field-training
  • subscription to POLIZEITRAINER MAGAZIN
  • preferred participation for PiD Members on PiD-events

PiD organizes…

  • training conferences
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • member conferences

PiD cooperates with…

  • international law enforcement training organisations
  • businesses involved in security training
  • adult education institutions

PiD publishes…

  • through it’s own POLZEITRAINER MAGAZIN
  • scientific studies
  • special seminars