Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e. V. is a nonprofit organization. The Board consists of three members who are elected every three years at the annual general meeting.
Our media spokesperson is responsible for all press matters and coordinates the visibility of the association.
PiD works since its establishment with specialists on a national and international level. The category “consultant” indicates persons with whom PiD works together.

Executive Committee

Eckhard »Ecko« Niebergall

Eckhard »Ecko« Niebergall

President PiD e.V.
  • 1975 – 2017 Hesse State Police (Germany)
  • including 20 years Frankfurt PD (Germany)
  • Riot control
  • Anti Drug operations
  • Execution of warrants
  • Executive protection
  • Certified and active firearms instructor (national & international)
  • Chief-Instructor for defensive tactics, CQB, executive protection
  • Co-developer of the INTERACT-DEFENSE-TRAINING®
  • 1998 – 2017 Hesse State Police Academy, Wiesbaden (Germany)

Responsible for:

  • development and improvement of firearms training programmes, defensive tactics programmes, less lethal training programmes
  • Implementation of INTERACT DEFENSE-elements
  • Trainerselection
  • Training for trainers
  • Firearms/CQB-training for Special-Operation-Units
  • Consultant of European Union Law Enforcement training programms
  • Court Sworn Expert of witness
  • Co-editor and author of the POLIZEITRAINER MAGAZIN (Police Trainer Magazine)
  • President of the POLIZEITRAINER IN DEUTSCHLAND e. V. (German Police Instructor Association – non profit organisation)
Bernd Pokojewski

Bernd Pokojewski

Media spokesman PiD e.V.

Bernd Pokojewski was involved in the development of hostage rescue tactics, active shooter combat and anti-terror tactics during his assignment as a Special Forces (SEK) Team Leader and training instructor. Furthermore he was the Commander of a Special Task Force to control street crime in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. Later in his career he served as the Chief of a close protection unit.
To date he continues to serve as a professional writer, speaker and trainer for police matters.