EPTC 2020

The European Police-Trainer Conference (EPTC) will take place on Wednesday 04.03.2019 and Thursday 05.03.2019 at the Exhibition Center in Nuremberg.

Topics and speakers

John T. Meyer Jr.; TeamOne Network: Review of Police officers being ambushed

  • The history of ambushes and lessons learned
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Understand and utilize technology that can assist

Prof. Dr. Leo Latasch: Challenges to rescue medicine in terrorist situations

  • Experiences from Israel
  • Critical analysis of the Paris attacks
  • Cooperation between police and rescue services

Björn Engeland: Use of guard dogs in the tactical approach of operational units and in patrol duty

  • Physical and mental requirements for service dogs and service dog handlers
  • Training steps in cooperation with the deployment training
  • Possibilities and limits of use

Prof. Dr. Markus Rothschild: The dog as a weapon: The danger of dog bite injuries

  • Primary and secondary injuries
  • Possible late effects
  • hazard assessment

Prof. Dr. Volker Erb: The legal evaluation of attacks with dogs

  • General legal aspects
  • Consequences of unpredictability in the hands of criminals
  • Independent action of service dogs as a source of particular legal uncertainty

Benedikt Heusler (Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei): Visual perception of police officers

  • Tactical gaze guidance under stress
  • Comparison between MEK and patrol service
  • Optimization of training and further education

Cornelia Rott & Ralf Krüger: Police Behavioural Detection

  • Basics and practical training applications for operative forces
  • Back to the future – an insight into security research

PiD-Team: Suicide in police service


European Policetrainer Conference 2020 – Practical Training

TeamOne Network: Counter Ambush Isolation Drills

  • Develop affective tactical options responding to various types of events
  • Review and enhance tactics to counter multiple types of situations
  • Enhance situational awareness, mindset and will to survive

PiD-Team: Behavioural recognition in practical application

PiD-Team: Defence against attacks at short and medium distances

PiD-Team: Use of innovative technology in tactical training


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